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The University of Athens
16 October 2017

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Peaceful dawn
14 October 2017

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Vatopedi monastery
13 October 2017

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Different styles
5 October 2017

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Just relaxing
30 August 2017

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28 August 2017

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The port of Hydra
21 August 2017

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Lonely bird
25 July 2017

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18 July 2017

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What a view!
25 May 2017

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Ancient stones
23 May 2017

Thumbnail image

3 May 2017

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Springs of Kashan
12 December 2016

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22 April 2013

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on Ancient Nemea I
superbe recherche

Existence Artistique on The University of Athens

Existence Artistique on Come and buy

omid on Come and buy
very nice shot! Lovely!

Anne on Come and buy
Jolie scène de gourmandises!

Ana Lúcia on Peaceful dawn
Beautiful peaceful scene.

Existence Artistique on Peaceful dawn
bon travail

Existence Artistique on Vatopedi monastery
une intéressante recherche

Existence Artistique on Byzantine art

Existence Artistique on Monastery
belle horloge

Ronnie 2¢ on Monastery
Some very art-aware monks in there !

Existence Artistique on Cloudy dawn
beau ciel

omid on Cloudy dawn
Amazing sky !!!!!!!!!!!

Existence Artistique on Church
belles couleurs

Ronnie 2¢ on Church
Now, that's what a I call bold color !

omid on Detail of a roof
such beautiful frame, DOF & colors! Amazing textures!

Existence Artistique on Detail of a roof

omid on Sunset over the church
such beautiful composition, clouds & textures! Amazing!

Existence Artistique on Sunset over the church
bien ces cheminéés

Existence Artistique on Pure art

Existence Artistique on Different styles
beau ce pot et ces petites fenêtres

omid on Different styles
such beautiful frame, colors, lights & textures! Lovely!

Ronnie 2¢ on Different styles
Yes, wild choices . . but they all get along !

omid on Holy mountain I
A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!

Existence Artistique on Holy mountain I

Existence Artistique on Cloudy sky

Existence Artistique on Dinner by the sea

omid on Sunset in Kalamaria
Lovely sunset!

Curly on Sunset in Kalamaria
Very nicely done for an industrial sunset, we don't see enough industry in AM3.

Existence Artistique on Sunset in Kalamaria

omid on Sunset in Agia Triada II
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & reflections! Lovely silhouettes!

Existence Artistique on Sunset in Agia Triada II
belle lumière

omid on Sunset in Agia Triada I
Lovely silhouettes!

Ronnie 2¢ on Sunset in Agia Triada I
A perfect t location for a sunset . .

Existence Artistique on Sunset in Agia Triada I

rbassin on Sunset in Agia Triada I
belle scène en contre jour

omid on Bike
:) such beautiful composition, colors & lights!

Existence Artistique on Bike

omid on Shooting
:) such beautiful composition, focus, DOF & lights!

Existence Artistique on Shooting

Existence Artistique on Thermaicos bay
bien agréable

Existence Artistique on Thessaloniki sea front

omid on Smart face
so cute! :) Lovely!

Existence Artistique on Smart face

omid on Sunset in Volos
Lovely sunset!

Existence Artistique on Sunset in Volos

Existence Artistique on Problems around...
bien fumant

Curly on Problems around...
It's a good portrait of intense concentration.

omid on Problems around...
Amazing portrait !!!

Existence Artistique on Stressed
bien ces yeux

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