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Little doll
13 January 2020

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Portrait of a young man
10 January 2020

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Portrait of a young man
8 January 2020

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The wheel of Christmas
28 December 2019

Thumbnail image

Christmas time
27 December 2019

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Streets of Brussels
26 December 2019

Thumbnail image

Ready to fight
22 December 2019

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Rose II
26 November 2019

Thumbnail image

Rose I
25 November 2019

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Overflying Athens
24 November 2019

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Red shadow
7 November 2019

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27 October 2019

Thumbnail image

Moving around
24 October 2019

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I am the captain
23 September 2019

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21 September 2019

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Bird in a cage
20 September 2019

Thumbnail image

Sea and clouds
2 June 2019

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Local products
4 January 2019

Recent Comments

beach on Street decoration
Sorry, I meant vibrant.

beach on Street decoration

Existence Artistique on Street decoration

Ralf Kesper on Street decoration
Very decorative. Beautiful picture!

omid on The Greek Parliament
A M A Z I N G !

Existence Artistique on The Greek Parliament
bien ce ciel

Ralf Kesper on The Greek Parliament
Looks great with this wide angle and sky above.

Dimitrios on Athens view from Acropolis
a frame in excellent balance

Existence Artistique on Athens view from Acropolis
beau ciel et belle vue

Ralf Kesper on Athens view from Acropolis
Awesome and beautiful view!

Dreams come true on Parthenon in a cloudy day
A great picture with the clouds and a little bit of sun.

Existence Artistique on Parthenon in a cloudy day
beau ciel

Ralf Kesper on Parthenon in a cloudy day
This is a beautiful image. Great sujet and delightful sky.

Existence Artistique on The temple of Erehtheion

Ralf Kesper on The temple of Erehtheion
Really nice!

Anne on The temple of Erehtheion

Existence Artistique on The glorious Parthenon
beau temple

Ralf Kesper on The glorious Parthenon
Wonderful in colores, wide angle and framing.

Ana Lúcia on The glorious Parthenon
Even after all this time the structure is still impressive.

Gérard on The glorious Parthenon
It's unbelievable that there are only 8 visitors, when this place is usually "infested"! Exceptional ...

Anne on The glorious Parthenon

Existence Artistique on Closer look to the carriers
belle statues

Ralf Kesper on Closer look to the carriers

Existence Artistique on The ladies of Athens

Anna Cherer on The ladies of Athens
Beautiful light and framing on this historic architecture !

Anne on The ladies of Athens
Beautiful light!

Ralf Kesper on The ladies of Athens
The wonderful temple of Athena Nike.

Ana Lúcia on Overviewing Athens
Excellent photo.

Vaido on Overviewing Athens
Beautiful wide view.

Existence Artistique on Overviewing Athens

Ralf Kesper on Overviewing Athens
Beautiful view with this amphytheater and moody sky above.

Existence Artistique on Dried plant

Ralf Kesper on Dried plant
Nice still-life gardening in a frame.

ceteceva on Little doll
L'ange et son démon dans l'ombre !

omid on Little doll
L O V E L Y !!!!

Existence Artistique on Little doll
belle ange

Ralf Kesper on Little doll
Pretty little fairy.

omid on Twilight
Amazing sky!

Existence Artistique on Twilight
beau ciel

Ralf Kesper on Twilight
Beautiful sky!

Ronnie 2¢ on Twilight
A glorious evening sky . . one of those 'moments' . .

Anne on Twilight
Magnifique ciel

Existence Artistique on Decorated street
belle boule d'or

Ralf Kesper on Decorated street
Pretty lights in this alley.

Existence Artistique on Portrait of a young man
belle prise avec ces lunettes

Existence Artistique on Just before sunset

Ralf Kesper on Just before sunset
Wonderful moody sky. Last sunshine before a rainey day starts.

Existence Artistique on Portrait of a young man
belle prise

Dimitrios on Portrait of a young man

Ana Lúcia on Close to sunset

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